First time working with eBay?  Don't worry!  Emerald Sales makes the process easy and stress-free.  

How do I know if my item(s) will sell on eBay?

Emerald Sales will help you determine if your item(s) will sell on eBay. You will be surprised at what really sells on eBay!  Before you throw, donate, or store it away, let us help you evaluate it.

How do I get top dollar for my items?

If you have original packaging, Certificates of Authenticity, receipts, appraisals, instructions, accessories – in short – anything that goes with the item, be sure to include it with the item you want to sell.  Take a moment to clean your item for the best presentation on eBay.  We will do a lite dusting or remove a few smudges.  We are not equipped to do heavy duty cleaning, polishing or any type of restoration.

After the auction ends, when can I expect to receive a check from Emerald $ales?

You will receive a check no later than 3 weeks after the auction ends. This allows time for the buyer to pay for the item, for us to ship it, and for the buyer to accept it.

What happens if my item doesn't sell the first time?

If the item does not sell the first time, Emerald Sales will relist it either for another 7 day auction or place it in their “on-line” eBay store at no charge to you.  The item is relisted at a lower starting price. 

Your item(s) is listed on eBay at auction for 7 days. We start all auctions on a Saturday or Sunday to gain maximum opportunity for buyers to bid. Generally, listing on holidays that fall on a weekend are avoided. 

Can I watch the auction?

Yes! If you would like to watch the auction of your item(s), just let us know and we will email you eBay auction item numbers. We will show you how to find and watch them on eBay if you are not familiar with eBay.

Emerald Sales eBay Consignment Fees

Simple!  We have a graduated commission schedule based on what the item sells for.  We have no hidden or upfront fees.  We pay all of the eBay and Paypal fees; buyer pays postage and insurance.