Turning your unwanted valuables into cash is easy

  • Bring us your items

  • We’ll sell them online

  • We send you a check

eBay auctions, without the stress

When you contract with Emerald Sales for your eBay consignment needs, you can have confidence that we’ll get you the best price for your items. We have been eBay sellers since 2001 with over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in total sales.

Why eBay? With more than 170 million shoppers worldwide, eBay is one of the best ways to get the highest cash price someone is willing to pay for your items.

Don’t worry about the hassles of listing your items yourself, let Emerald Sales do all the work — and send you the check! 

Our comprehensive eBay consignment services include:

  • Research best price & selling option

  • Select best item category to ensure highest bidder visibility

  • Take high quality, detailed item pictures

  • Create compelling item title & description

  • Manage all communication with bidders

  • Invoice & collect payment for all items sold

  • Pack, insure & ship all items sold

  • Payment of eBay listing fees & PayPal charges

  • Prompt payment to you after buyer receives item


Questions about ebay? Check out our other resources:

Don’t know the value of your items? We can help! Before you donate, throw, or pack your stuff away, contact Emerald Sales!