A complete valuation of your items

Linda Dembek, President & Owner of Emerald Sales, is also an International Society of Appraisers member which makes her the qualified and competent appraiser you have been looking for to handle your personal and inherited estate property appraisals. She will ensure that you have a credible value of your items and help guide you to the right course of action when it comes to making financial decisions regarding your property.

We know that not only you depend on a professional appraisal report, but so do judges, attorneys, trustees, estate managers, insurance companies and family members. The Emerald Sales Appraisal Report will give you a thoroughly researched and credible valuation of your items, including pictures and descriptions, in a written report that follows the standards of The Appraisal Foundation and The International Society of Appraisers. 

We can provide a professional appraisal report for:

  • Insurance coverage or claims
  • Adequate insurance for fire or theft
  • Estate planning and gifting
  • Replacement values for collections
  • Equitable distribution of property in a divorce, or among heirs
  • Federal estate tax
  • Knowledgeable buying and selling

questions about Appraisal Reports? Check out our FAQ:

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